About Chico Printing

Tim and Penny Henderson have lived and worked in Chico for over 25 years. Owning a business together has always been a goal of this duo. They purchased an established print shop in June 2009 and changed the name to Chico Printing. Chico Printing’s motto is “people doing business with people.” A graduate of Chico State, Penny’s endless energy, passion and organizational skills are a perfect fit for business ownership. She has worked in the legal field, retail management/buyer, and insurance industry. Penny is a people person. Tim has a Masters in Business and a long history of entrepreneurship in agribusiness, real estate development and he is a professional landlord. Tim and Penny owe much of their success to their experienced team: 


Brent - Production Manager/Graphic Designer
Keith - Press Operator

​Tim and Penny know that you’re only as good as your staff.